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  • December 2010

    Compact Industrial have supplied, installed and put into operation the most advanced system for motor exhaust gas analysis according emissions regulations EURO 5 and EURO 6. The system was acquired by Registrul Auto Roman - RAR SA for their location in Voluntari, to measure emissions from all types of engines on vehicles imported from outside EU.

    The integrated system manufactured by HORIBA Automotive Test Systems includes the new analyzers in addition to the existing ones which the capability to comply with emission regulation EURO 4, but also the two emission chassis dynamometer already installed on site in the laboratory.

    The MEXA-7200 can be used to measure emissions from all types of engines, including gasoline- and diesel fuelled vehicles and 4 and 2 wheels. It supports simultaneously measurements of THC, NO/Nox, CO, CO2, O2, CH4, SO2, etc., over a wide dynamic range.

    The systems includes MEXA 2000 SPCS, the newest system for Counting Solid Particle in Engine Exhaust Gases which is the only one in Romania.

  • April 2010

    Our company, together with the German partner i-Fischer Engineering GmbH, mounted, tested and commissioned 2 fully automated ASTM distillation units, computer controlled (ASTM D2892 - TBP crude oil distillation unit and ASTM D 5236 - Potstill heavy hydrocarbons distillation unit). The beneficiary of the two installations is INCERP, Petrobrazi Refinery, from the PETROM-OMV group.

  • March 2009

    At the end of March 2009, our company finished the installation of the Emission Chassis Dyno at RAR Voluntari, able to test 2- or 4-wheel-drive cars, as well as their emissions.
    This chassis dyno, which is the most advanced, both in Romania and the neighbouring countries, is the first that allows the testing of 4WD vehicles, both permanent and non-permanent, automatic and manual gearboxes. It also allows the testing of motorbikes.
    The dyno allows testing of 2WD (Front and rear) and 4WD vehicles, in a wide range of wheelbase dimensions, from 1800mm to 4600mm, at a maximum speed of 260km/h and with a maximum power of 220KW (2WD, overload of 330KW/60s) and 500KW in 4WD. Maximum torque is 6.400N, and in overload it can withstand 10.100N with a maximum acceleration of 6m/s². The weight of tested vehicles can be up to 2.500 Kg per wheelaxe. In front of the vehicle a wind fan is installed, with a maximum air-flow of 26.000mc at 120 Km/h, depending on the speed of the tested vehicle.
    The dyno is ready to operate in a temperature range of -20ºC to +40 ºC, which allows it to test both EURO 5 vehicle emissions, where a testing temperature of -7 ºC is necessary, but also to verify the effect of extreme temperatures on the car’s different systems.
    Through the data aquisition software, the whole range of vehicles tests is possible, but also research and improvement of the vehicle’s systems and performance.

  • August 2008

    The pollutant emission analyzer for the gasoline engines, model MEXA 7200 made by HORIBA, Japan, was put into operation in the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Transport Faculty, Auto vehicles Department. The analyzer operates together the chassis dynamometer for emission certifying and performance tests of the vehicles, delivered in 2007, by this accomplishing the most modern vehicle testing laboratory in the Romanian universities.

  • June 2008

    The supplying contract of the chassis dynamometer for emission certifying, according to the EURO 5 requirements, and performance tests of the vehicles was concluded with the Romanian Auto Register. The stand is manufactured by MAHA-AIP, Germany and operates in 2WD (FWD or RWD) and 4WD vehicle traction formulas, with automatic wheel base adjustment between 1800 mm to 4600 mm and nominal power up to 500 kW.

  • February 2008

    COMPACT Industrial was granted the Distributor Excellence Award 2008 during the Distributor Event 2008 organized by Ocean Optics in The Netherlands.

  • October 2007

    Contract signing with the University Transilvania in Brasov for the supply of the engine testing system, model Titan T250, produced by HORIBA ATS (Schenck).

  • August 2007

    Commissioning and start-up of the Emission Chassis Dynos for cars testing and emission monitoring in University POLITEHNICA Bucharest, Department of Automotives, produced by MAHA-AIP Germany.

  • July 2007

    COMPACT Industrial has supplied the apparatus for the fuel analysis laboratory in University of Petroleum and Gases in Ploiesti.

  • May 2007

    As representative of MODCON Systems Israel, COMPACT Industrial is part of the Contract for supplying on-line analyzer systems for the AVD and Isomerization units in the Petrobrazi-Petrom refinery.

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